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rabble.ca is ready to take on Parliament, getting the stories you won’t get from conventional and corporate media, giving context to political moves, covering the political events that matter and making a difference in what Canadians know about what is really happening on the Hill.

We want to put a rabble reporter (and not just any reporter, see below) on Parliament Hill with access to the Press Gallery, the lobby, committees, politicians, political staff and spokespeople. We need “just reporting,” not just reporting: we need Parliamentary reporting for the rest of us.

This is where you come in. On August 18 we launched this fundraising campaign by approaching unions and civil society groups and now we are looking to you chip in. We need to raise $5,000 from individuals to put rabble.ca on the Hill. Please send rabble to Parliament with a donation right now. Whether you can donate $200 or $20 — no amount is too little (or too much!). Visit www.rabble.ca/donate.


The need for a watchdog on Parliament Hill has never been more important than under a Harper majority government, with their anti-democratic, anti-union, anti-environment, anti-justice agenda.

Tired of the shenanigans of Sun TV? Not interested in so-called “stories” — like those on the federalism of leader Nycole Turmel? Want to go beyond the PMO press release? Well…

Meet our Parliamentary reporter: award-winning journalist Karl Nerenberg

I’ve known Karl Nerenberg since our time at the McGill Daily. Over those years, he has been consistently progressive and principled as a journalist. When he produced the House for CBC, it was the best place to get the real story on what was happening on Parliament Hill. I am thrilled that he has agreed to lend his phenomenal skills, knowledge and experience to the rabble team. I can’t think of anyone who could better translate the workings of Parliamentary politics to rabble’s readership. – Judy Rebick

With your support, Karl Nerenberg will be rabble’s eyes and ears on Parliament. Karl has been a journalist for over 25 years, including eight years as the producer of the CBC show The House. He has written scripts for documentary films and long form television reports for such shows as Le Point and Actuel on Radio Canada television and The Journal on CBC-TV, and founded and, for five years, edited the magazine Federations: What’s new in federalism worldwide. He has been awarded a Gemini award, a Best International Documentary Series award (from la communauté des televisions francophones), a CBC Radio Award for Best New Series (C’est la vie) among others.

As a broadcaster, Mr. Nerenberg produced and directed television series and documentaries in a wide range of genres and on a great variety of subjects — from civil war in Central America, to the crisis in South Africa’s Apartheid system. Recent productions include the two and a half hour, seven-part educational series, Learning About Federalism (2011), And Who Are You? (2010) a TV hour documentary. Currently he is completing Never Come Back a documentary film on the Roma community in Canada and the oppression Roma suffer in Europe. Mr. Nerenberg works in both English and French — which is still quite rare among Canadian broadcasters and journalists.

“In a media world where Don Cherry and Kevin O’Leary have pride of place as legitimate commentators on political events, we desperately need some balance, ” Nerenberg says, “The point is to provide clear, fact-based analysis and historic context.”

At rabble of course we are not beholden to corporate interests and are not seeking Conservative-party favour for our funding. That is why we are coming to you for support. We need credible, trustworthy Parliamentary stories for the rest of us.

Parliament starts on September 18th and we need to be there. Make it happen with your donation now.