Statistics Canada says, “In 2011, the average household spent $809 on cell phone expenses, $481 on expenses related to landline telephones and $416 on Internet access.” People pay big bucks for Internet access and now more and more media sites are charging you for content.

In other words the paywall has arrived. The paywall is when sites charge you to access some or all of their content. Globe and Mail? Paywall. Toronto Star? Paywall coming. Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun, Montreal Gazette, you guessed it, paywall city. And the population of paywall city is growing by leaps and bounds.

rabble.ca? We say “No pay to play!” We have a (eh hem) free-for-all attitude. We have never charged for any content on rabble.ca. Everything we post is free to read, watch, listen, discuss. We can’t put up financial barriers for community members to access our news and views. So, we take the community media approach.

What we ask is that if you have a few extra dollars (every bit counts!) you help us out with a donation. A donation of $5, of $10, of $500 makes it so everyone on the Net (regardless of income or budget) can get independent news. We do draws for prizes every week from our donors to add a bit of extra incentive (congratulations to M.B. from Caledon, Ontario, our most recent winner!). You can read more about the prizes here.

Please support our free-for-all approach!