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As I write this I’m thinking about the state of fires in B.C. and the smoke forecast to hit Metro Vancouver. I’m thinking of our editor’s home, that was just minutes away from being hit by a tornado in Ontario not long ago, while others in Toronto have been breathing in some of the worst air quality in the world this summer because of the fires in northern Ontario. 

Today, I’m keenly aware of the climate insecurity we are facing as we are about to enter an unnecessary federal election at a time when our political leaders’ focus should be on building a green economy post-pandemic, responding in an authentic way to promises of reconciliation, addressing systemic racism and inequality, and building a more just Canada.  

Instead of a drive to consolidate power we need a focus on creation of community. 

We need radical transformation in Canada to secure a future that builds forward post-pandemic — not simply tinkering with a system of inequality and injustice.  

We need media that amplifies the real stories from the grassroots communities and working people — stories that not only expose perspectives missed by big media, but that speak to the solutions we need to build this country forward.

rabble.ca is a space for sharing new ideas, voices, and perspectives from the grassroots and from workers. As non-profit media, individual donors like you make it possible for us to do this work! 

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Just as the Trudeau Liberals seek to consolidate their power, big media continues to gobble up and squash the indies. 

We need media that are not going to make excuses for the same old same old.  

As we move forward into the election, we ask for your support. rabble needs to recruit 300 new monthly members over the next month to help us share more of the urgent stories that need to be told from a progressive perspective — and to make our election coverage better than ever.  

Help us speak to the issues that matter to grassroots communities and working people in this election. 

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Kim Elliott, Publisher


Kim Elliott

Publisher Kim spent her first 16 years on a working family farm in Quebec. Her first memories of rabble rousing are of strike lines, promptly followed by Litton’s closure of the small town...