Welcome back Derrick! Veteran freelance journalist, author, and community activist Derrick O’Keefe has returned to rabble.ca as the new Editor. 

Derrick was the editor at rabble.ca from fall 2007 until fall 2009. He is also the author of Michael Ignatieff: The Lesser Evil?, the co-writer of the autobiography of Afghan women’s rights activist and politician Malalai Joya (A Woman Among Warlords), he was a founding editor and publisher of the on-line zine Seven Oaks, and has been the co-chair of Stopwar.ca in Vancouver, British Columbia and the Canadian Peace Alliance, the largest network of anti-war groups in Canada.

“rabble is thrilled to welcome back Derrick in an expanded editor’s role, confident his keen journalistic eye and passion for politics will serve rabble very well,” said rabble Publisher Kim Elliott.

“With a mainstream media that in their overwhelmingly majority endorsed Stephen Harper in the last election, rabble.ca is more important than ever as a vital, independent media source that gives voice to the real majority in Canada,” said O’Keefe. “It’s great to be coming back to work at rabble alongside an incredible team of independent journalists who never pull their punches against corporate power.”

rabble.ca will mark its 11th year of providing 100% free news content to Canadians on April 18, 2012. rabble is a non-profit, community supported organization.