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Valentine’s Day is coming up (hint-hint) and we want to thank all of you who have shown us love and made a donation to We are a mere $3,000 short of our $15,000 goal, and have until midnight Feb. 14 to make it! So this is our final push to get us over the ecstatic top. Any support is lovingly accepted and if you give at least $25 you can win an iPad and other cool prizes (read more about our annual fundraiser here). Please donate now.

Unlike some other possible media partners we aren’t afraid of commitment and here is ours:

We are free and easy. There is a growing trend in online media to put up a paid “firewall,” with some or all sections requiring payment to read it. has always been free to access and use — and always will be.

We won’t leave you for some rich friend. has always been independent and we like it that way. No matter what corporation comes calling our heart is with the communities that visit and contribute to rabble. Don’t worry, we will always be here for you.

We will keep improving. Self-improvement is important and we won’t let ourselves go. We are always recruiting new contributors, developing new features and working hard behind the scenes to make your rabble experience even better.

Please join our list of Valentines by donating by Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day.

When you donate, why be shy? Tell a friend about our donation drive with this easy to use form and let the world know all about us. We’re proud to be a community supported independent media site. Thanks for your ongoing support.


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