Dear President Trump.

Eric and Donald Trump Jr. opened Trump International Hotel and Tower in Vancouver on Tuesday.  There were errors made.  The new hotel is 63 stories high, and not the 69 stories claimed. And it is not the first hotel built in Vancouver in the last six years. 

Your sons have trouble with numeracy. There are remedial courses available.  You should talk to them.

But I digress — the real reason for my letter is the cost of providing security protection for your children when they do business in Canada. 

Now, the Canadian taxpayer expects to pay for security protection for visiting heads of state, and their children, while on state business.  It is how things are done everywhere. But it is not fair to ask Canadians to pay for the security of the President’s children while on business junkets to our country. 

I know you don’t want hard working Americans to have to pay for services that other people, such as migrants, brown people and poor children, might use.  So I think you can appreciate why I am asking The Trump Organization to reimburse the Canadian government. 

The RCMP has not yet reported the actual cost of providing security for yesterday’s media event. They do not just make stuff up, so they will take the time necessary to get the actual numbers correct.  

We will invoice you later.


Linda Leon

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Linda Leon

Linda Leon is an artist and writer living in Whitehorse.