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Dear readers,

Even after almost 20 years (rabble starts its 20th year in April!) I’m not surprised that I’m still excited about, especially with the growth and changes that keep coming. I started as a rabble reader, then a rabble staff person for many years, then a rabble volunteer where I now work on the board of Canada’s “news for the rest of us.” Along the way I loved seeing (hearing) rabble launch Canada’s first podcasting network; joining in as we livestreamed a big Iraq war protest (when the tech to do that was not even close to being handheld), cheered as we hosted blogs from activists and writers, created a labour beat, and told the stories of people and movements and communities working for change. At our foundation we built a dynamic relationship with our visitors promoting community discussion and action. 

In other words, for almost two decades rabble has been a progressive independent voice in a corporate media landscape and we keep doing it every day. 

All of that history, everything we do, and everything that is coming was, is and will only be possible because of community support. No surprise here that I’m asking you in joining me in making a contribution to independent progressive media, to We need you in order to ramp up our coverage of climate justice, youth movements, Indigenous resistance, the anti-war movement, and more. We need our readers, watchers, listeners and viewers to chip in to keep our non-profit going and growing. 

On our end we have been welcoming fresh faces and ideas to the editorial team (including a new opinions editor to be announced soon) and the whole team has been working on plans for updating our website (!) and background systems, continuing to offer event coverage services, monthly webinars from Karl Nerenberg, our award-winning parliamentary reporter and more. 

With your support, 2020 is going to be a big year for rabble. Please join me in supporting rabble with a donation. 

As you know, we don’t sell subscriptions, we don’t track and sell user data, and we don’t have a paywall. We aren’t wholly or partly owned by a huge corporation. We aren’t hunting for clicks. We are telling stories.

We can only tell these stories of struggle and change, the news for the rest of us, with community support. 

Please contribute what you can.

Thank you.

Matthew Adams, president 

P.S New monthly donors of $5 or more will receive a copy of Donald Gutstein’s The Big Stall: How Big Oil and Think Tanks are Blocking Action on Climate Change in Canada. And if you can support at $8/month or more, you can get a copy of either Linda McQuaig’s new book, The Sport and Prey of Capitalists: How the Rich are Stealing Canada’s Public Wealth, or one of a limited number of signed copies of Libby Davies’ Outside In: A Political Memoir.

Image: Fernando Podolski/istock

Matthew Adams

Matt moved to Toronto from the U.S just in time for Mike Harris to take power in Ontario and has been stunned ever since. Matthew Adams is a co-founder of the Catalyst Centre (a social justice popular...