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rabble.ca has its most robust and experienced editorial team yet lined up and ready for the federal election.

Since 2006, we’ve kept a close watch on Harper. With the support of thousands of progressive individuals and organizations we’ve been able to thoroughly document the federal conservatives’ attempts to transform Canada into their Orwellian fantasyland. Imagine what we’ll be able to do during the next election with your support and enough resources to fully implement our election plan.

Over the last decade we’ve exposed Harper’s draconian measures. From his anti-union bill to his attempts at disenfranchising thousands of voters our journalists work tirelessly to bring independent and progressive news and views about the very real ways in which the federal Conservatives’ reckless policies affect our daily lives.

To have the best possible and most effective coverage in the next election we need your support. We want to broaden our editorial reach, research, investigate, and produce reports, fact checks and expose any and all scandals as they happen.

From the moment the writ drops, we’ll be producing original content, curating a daily fact check of the election, and amplifying the voices of progressive organizations every single day right up until the election. See all of our elections coverage here.

Every donation matters. Whether it’s $5 or $50 you will directly help counter Harper and his corporate media buddies who only report Harper’s worldview and endorse him again and again…

Big media corporations can’t be trusted to hold Harper to account. rabble.ca stands for accessible, accountable, independent, ethical journalism. We require the resources to cover the coming key stories that won’t be reported in the mainstream. Be it voter disenfranchisement, organizing tactics and strategies of ignored groups and organizations, social movement successes or radical actions.

Too often big media has been hoodwinked by Harper’s manipulation of complex rules and use of omnibus bills. The vague and brief coverage given to the Harper government’s hugely destructive changes to environmental laws and regulations by mainstream media serves as just one of many great reasons why we need news for the rest of us.

Harper is on the ropes and his polling numbers are trending down. But we know this will be one of the hardest fought elections. No matter what, it won’t be over until it’s over. That’s why we have to get to work immediately and prepare for the election now. We can’t get started without your donation. Help put our election plan to work right now. 

In solidarity,

Dave Molenhuis, Associate Publisherrabble.ca 

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David Molenhuis

David Molenhuis

David Molenhuis is rabble.ca’s creative director. David is a writer and activist from Brampton, Ont. He was a student activist for over a decade and laboured for many of those years in various...