Court support for G20 Indigenous defendant Ryan Rainville

Tuesday April 12, 2011
All day from 10 a.m. till the afternoon
Old City Hall Courthouse – 60 Queen St W
(text the # below for updates)

Ryan Rainville appears in court for trial on Tuesday April 12 on a number of G20-related charges including allegations of mischief, obstruction and assault. Join his family, friends and supporters in the courthouse to show your support. Please note this is not a demonstration but a call for appropriate court support.

Ryan has been targeted as a young Indigenous man from Sackimay Nation, and charged with allegations stemming from June demonstrations against the G20 in Toronto. He was held at Maplehurst Correctional Complex for over three months, and finally released in November 2010 into the Sagatay First Nations Bail Program on strict bail conditions with a number of non-associations.

Says Ryan Rainville “I continue to be committed to speaking out against the daily injustices perpetrated by capitalist exploitation and colonial assimilation. As an Indigenous man, it is my responsibility to continue to use my voice to speak the truth and to contribute to the cause of justice and freedom for all peoples. While criminalizing voices of dissent is part of the ongoing post-G20 crackdown, the repression of Indigenous resistance is part of the ongoing legacy of colonization for 500 years across Turtle Island.”

Read an extensive interview with Ryan here:

According to Indigenous supporters of Ryan: “As native people, our bodies and our minds are constantly under attack from the state. Their power rests on our degradation. Their violent exploitation of the land and water feeds and profits the colonization of every poor and oppressed person.

We denounce the ongoing state repression of all people resisting the austerity measures which are designed to force our relations, friends and allies into enslavement to a faltering system, to assimilate us into submission, and exterminate those of us who refuse to bend to colonial terms.”

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More background info here: Activist Communique: Rain Rainville — 83 days in jail and counting  


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