As with the case of Adam Nobody, Ontario’s Special Investigative Unit (SIU) probe into the conduct of police officers during the G20 Summit protests in Toronto in late June has received new information into a case it had already investigated and closed.

Dorian Barton — being represented by the law firm Ruby & Shiller — is suing the Toronto Police Force for allegedly beating him on June 26, 2010, as he was arrested while demonstrating against the G20 Summit at Queen’s Park. Queen’s Park had been established as the official G20 free speech/protest zone prior to the Summit.

Barton was arrested — and allegedly beaten by police — before being taken to the Eastern Avenue Detention Centre where he was held for a total of 30 hours. Charged with obstructing a police officer and unlawful demonstration, these charges were one of the first to be dropped at an August 23, 2010 court appearance.

Among the injuries Barton alleged he sustained at the hands of the Toronto police were a shattered upper right arm. He did receive some medical attention during his incarceration at the Eastern Avenue Detention Centre, though he had to wait for hours in excruciating pain from that broken arm.

While the SIU originally closed Barton’s case regarding his allegations of police battery citing a lack of evidence, new photos have emerged documenting his arrest which the SIU will now consider.

The very same thing happened in the case of Adam Nobody, where the SIU also first ruled that it lacked sufficient evidence to conclude any wrongdoing by the Toronto police for lack of evidence to identify the officers allegedly involved. As in Nobody’s case, new photo evidence have emerged from the public.

Constable Babek Andalib-Goortani (who was not wearing his mandatory police identification at the time) has been charged with assault with a weapon against Adam Nobody.  He is scheduled to appear in court January 24, 2010.

Barton’s lawyers were to announce their civil claim against the Toronto Police on Wednesday January 12, 2010, with a nine-page statement of claim filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice seeking $250,000 for Barton’s alleged assault and battery, unlawful arrest and detention and “negligent investigation.”

That news conference promising more information was cancelled out of respect due to the recent death of a Toronto police officer, but I will pass on more information when it rolls out.

Krystalline Kraus

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