Aruna Shanbaug passed away some hours ago in a hospital in Mumbai,India after suffered brain damage from a sexual assalt and strangling in 1973 by a cleaner at the hospital where she worked as nurse.She remained in a vegetative state in Mumbai King Edward Memorial Hospital until her death.

There were lots of questions and answers regarding this case about stopping her life support.

Since Euthanasia and abetment to suicide are crimes in India,courts in India are very cautious regarding these cases,make sure someone should not take advantage or abuse just to inherit the property of patient.

Since doctors and nurses at the hospital where she was patient were of the opinion the she was still alive and her care should continue-means she was very much alive even though she was in comma.

So court dismissed the petition given by her biographer and asked doctors to continue feeding her.

So now opinion mostly.Aruna Shanbaug’s life and death have become a model for the treatment of the people on life support.