In the last days the Gaza Strip has been subjected to numerous air raids from Israel, which have so far killed at least 15 Palestinians and wounded many more. Despite claims by Israel that they were targeting alleged armed groups in Gaza, the reported reality from the ground is that those killed were innocent civilians including children.

The CBG Campaign holds the Israeli government accountable for the unjustified killing of Palestinians in Gaza and vigorously condemns Israeli extreme so-called retaliation, without thorough investigation. Hamas has repeatedly and publicly claimed no responsibility. In fact, Hamas has contributed to the ceasefire process currently underway.

Israeli air strikes on Gaza are consistent with the strangling blockade of the Gaza Strip, which creates an untenable situation for Palestinians under continued harassment and repression.

The CBG Campaign welcomes the proposed ceasefire however we also wonder if the real intentions of the Israeli government’s strikes is to undermine unity between Hamas and Fatah, detract from the upcoming vote at the UN for Palestine statehood and divert attention from Israel’s internal unrest.

We call on the international community and our supporters to condemn Israel&’s actions by:

· Asking the Canadian government to demand that Israel stop the air raids on Gaza and that a thorough independent investigation of the attack in Eilat be undertaken.

· Demanding that the mainstream media to provide a more and fair coverage about the innocent people killed in Gaza, currently under-reported.

· Demanding an end to the illegal blockade of Gaza.