There were 1,090 arrests at the G20 Summit protests, making these protests the largest example of mass arrest in Canadian history. More than 700 of those taken to the Eastern Avenue Detention Centre were later released without charges, but that still leaves the activist community to deal with hundreds who are facing single or multiple charges. People who badly need support.

Of course the risk here is to declare the Summits over and have everyone return to their daily lives, forgetting that just a few days ago this city was a police state.

Or the risk is that activists will wipe their hands clean of the arrests as if they can morally claim that everyone charged with a crime had to be a member of the Black Bloc (it’s the whole “Good Protester / Bad Protester” arguement).

When in fact, not only were innocent bystanders caught up in the police’s controversial kettling technique of mass arrests, but activists, media and even a TTC driver in full uniform were trapped.

One woman didn’t even know what the G20 was when she was picked up by the police.

So ya, if someone is going to play the “I’m a good protester” card and claim they did everything right, so therefore, they shouldn’t have to support any activist who found themselves arrested and charged with an offence…

Let me point out to you that the police threatened, beat and arrested people regardless of where they were, what they said or what slogan they had on their t-shirts.

I mean, the police made many arrests inside of the official protest zone designated by the Integrated Security Unit and the government.  Police were sure busy at Queen’s Park herding activists into groups and then picking them off one at a time.

Ben Powless, when describing his dentention – with 899 others — during the weekend, called the police’s tactics a form of “collective punishment.”

Amnesty International has called for an inquiry.

All the people arrested and/or charged need our help right now. After having spent hours in the hellhole that was the Eastern Avenue Detention Centre, they need to know we have their back.  

I mean, if it were you who had been arrested and just spent 28 terrifying hours inside the Eastern Avenue detention centre, wouldn’t you want someone to have your back?

Wouldn’t you want someone to be there for you?

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