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Sisters and Brothers in Solidarity — Walk for Justice

Organized by the Sisters and Brothers in Solidarity Coalition following the call out by Red Power United.

Monday October 4, 2010

Toronto, Ontario / Mississaugas of the New Credit

Meet at 4:30 p.m.

Start: 5:00 p.m. at Queen’s Park (College Street and University Avenue)

End with candlelight vigil: 7:00 p.m. at Allan Gardens (Gerrard Street and Jarvis Street)

Please bring a drum and a strip of white cloth for our walk.

Contact: Lisa Currier (Sisters and Brothers in Solidarity)

Phone: 647-230-9850

Email:  [email protected]

On October 4, 2010, Sisters and Brothers in Solidarity is following the call of Red Power United and asking all Canadians to come together to honour our over *500 missing and murdered Indigenous women on Turtle Island (*We recognize that the number of missing and murdered Indigenous women is probably much higher).

First Nations communities across Canada have been carrying the burden of this sadness for generations as they have walked this trail of grief. They are stepping out of the shadows and coming forward to tell the truth.

According to the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC), “Aboriginal women and girls are facing the most pervasive human rights crisis in Canada today. As of March 31st 2010 NWAC has found 582 cases of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls.”

The slow, insidious disappearance of these women not only robs communities of their important women but also robs them of all the wisdom these women held and all the potential for future generations.

This further damages First Nations communities already struggling to heal from the effects of the residential school system, systemic racism and sexism and the neglect and wilful ignorance perpetuated by the federal and provincial government and the police.

Along with other Sisters in Spirit vigils being co-originated across Canada, we are asking that people gather on October 4, 2010, to honour our missing daughters, mothers, sisters, aunties, grandmothers and friends.

At the Walk for Justice, we will address the crisis and provide meaningful background information into the causes and solutions. For we have had enough and demand that Canadian society act with both compassion and justice — and include both men and women — to stop the violence.


Sisters and Brothers in Solidarity


Monday October 4, 2010

Queen’s Park

Meet at 4:30 p.m.

5:00 p.m. start.

Please bring a drum and a strip of white cloth for the walk.


Krystalline Kraus

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