First, our Ontario Premier – Dalton McGuinty –  passes a “secret” law earlier this month that gave police  new sweeping powers for the duration of the Summit protests without debate or public notice.

Here’s what you need to know

— According to the new regulation, “guards” appointed under the act can arrest anyone who, in specific areas, comes within five metres of the security zone.

–Within those areas, police can demand identification from anyone coming within five metres of the fence perimeter and search them. If they refuse, they face arrest. Anyone convicted under the regulation could also face up to two months in jail or a $500 maximum fine.

Now, we are hearing from the Toronto Community Mobilization Network (TCMN) that 23 activists were arrested during the night – some in cars, some had their doors kicked in by the police in the middle of the night.

The TCMN reported at its press conference that between 15 to 23 (some people are “missing”) were arrested last night: 10-13 CLAC (Convergence Lutte Anti-Capitaliste) members; 2 (NOII) No One Is Illegal and 6-8 SOAR (Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance).

This is an order rebellions!

1: Do NOT travel alone; always travel with a buddy.  

2: Know your legal numbers!

Legal Numbers! Arrests/detention/jail calls = 416-273-6761

Family and friends = 416-273-6781

TTY = 416-531-0060

More to come as information rolls in.

Stay safe! Stay Brave!

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Krystalline Kraus

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