When I spoke with Saber today, his voice again sounded much weaker than I’ve ever heard it. Saber usually lives up to his name, Sabr, resilience and patience.

But today, he, like Emad a week ago, spoke of how Gaza was as bad, was worse than, it had been in 2007.

“No fuel, no milk, soon no bread. Long line-ups for gas–people wait for hours for a container of gas. Do you remember how morning usually were in Gaza, with taxis filling the street, taking students to school and university and people to work? There’re virtually no taxis now. People are sad, very sad. People want to breath.

Electricity…we have it for just 4 hours a day now, 6 maximum.”

And now, new reports that the border is again closed “indefinitely,” as if the previous weeks of closures didn’t suffice.