Photo Credit: US Boat to Gaza

Earlier flotilla ships in 2007-08 got rammed by the Israeli navy, and then others were boarded by commandos with beatings and kidnappings of harmless peace activists.  Last year, they attacked the flotilla. They beat, tasered, gassed, and shot 63 peace activists, murdering nine and outright executing five unarmed, helpless, wounded civilian aid workers on the deck of the Mavi Marmara.

Now the Israeli government is reduced to sabotaging our civilian aid ships while we are in foreign ports.  Skulking around in the dark with high tech diving gear and underwater cutting equipment … how pathetic.

If they put this much energy and funds into honestly trying to find peace with the Palestinians, their Middle East problems would have been solved years ago.  But of course peace is not their goal. Illegally seizing land and resources is the goal, and with the announcement of Israelis grabbing the Jordan Valley,  the possibilities of peace are rather dimmed.

With our meager resources and volunteers we are trying our best to fend off an Israeli assault on our little Canadian ship and protect your investment in peace and justice.

We are still in the game, we’re still sailing to Gaza!