The rabble rouser! A special #occupy edition!

Hot off the press, this is the #occupy special edition of the rabble rouser!

It's a two-page pdf, special edition of the rabble rouser, prepared as a resource for the #occupy and #occupy Canada actions.

The rabble rouser is designed for printing double-sided onto a single piece of paper (and for making copies and distributing). But it is also good for reading online.

Click here to download the PDF. (For technical reasons, the image is not linked to the PDF)

And then please print and share!

We've also created an international version, which you can download here.

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Read on for more information about previous Election versions of this initiative, and for a full list of archival downloads.

The background information below was last updated for the 2011 Federal Election.

Are you concerned about the coming Canadian Election and what it could mean for you, your family, friends, community and this country?

Are you also concerned about the obviously slanted mainstream media election coverage that promotes corporate interests over the public good?

The good news is that there's something you can do about it -- something easy and even fun, going beyond your single vote. Add action to your democratic rights ... through the rabble rouser print editions.



The rabble rouser is a new media print project (we call it 'decentralized distribution') from Canada's most-visited online independent media source,

Concise, compelling stories about the election are featured in the rabble rouser, selected from's extensive election coverage. It is a weekly 2-page PDF file posted online at -- and sent out via multiple social e-networks.

All you need to do is print off a few copies and give them to your family, friends or neighbours -- and hey, if you feel like it, you can even pass some out to random people on the street!

rabble provides a voice for those of us not represented by the corporate-friendly agenda of the mainstream media. The rabble rouser PDF provides you with the right tool for spreading a clear vision for this election, for the future of those close to you and for the entire country.



Simply print out as few five or as many as 100 or more copies of the rabble rouser
(see the pdf link(s) below and print double-sided to make copies)
     - hand them out to friends
     - leave them at the office in the waiting room
     - leave them at the coffee shop
     - post them up where they'll be seen
     - pass them out to passers-by on the street*
     - pass them out at political rallies or events*
     * = fun to do with a friend, partner or group

Spread the word:
     - share the link via Facebook, Twitter, etc
     - write a personal message or use/modify the text contained here, and send out an email to your personal contacts or through an email listserv you're on
     - ask an organization you're a member of to distribute it through their network
     - invite friends to the Facebook event "Election 2011: Download and share the rabble rouser"



The rabble rouser is a unique opportunity for anyone to get an important underreported message out to fellow citizens all over the country. Many of the ridings this time around are critical to deciding which government will get us through the challenging times ahead.

DO YOU LIVE in one of these critical ridings?!
Or do you know someone who does?
Get the message out where it matters most!!
List of target ridings:



(a new edition will be published each Monday during the election run-up)

Edition 4:Stephen Harper: 'Sans mois le deluge'

Edition 3: Debt by 1,000 tax cuts

rabble rouser 3

Edition 2: 'Apathy, big lies, contempt, electoral dysfunction'

rabble rouser 2

Edition 1: 'Nine reasons to oppose the Harper candidate in your riding'



The rabble rouser was first created for the 2008 elections, with five editions over the course of the campaign. Then and now, it is produced by Ottawa-based activist/educator Greg Macdougall. You can find some of his writings, along with other projects, at

The content in the rabble rouser comes from rabble's election coverage, online at


2008 Week 1 - NDP says no to Harper's tar sands expansion

2008 Week 2 - Economic leadership?

2008 Week 3 - A vote for Harper = a vote for nothing?

2008 Week 4 - Big ideas missing

2008 Week 5 - Dude, where's my Tory?