Jim Stanford on why Monday’s budget needs to be a Care Budget

On April 19, the federal government will share its first budget in two years. rabble.ca’s Off the Hill current affairs panel explored what Monday’s budget must address to move Canada forward post-pandemic.  Listen in as Jim Stanford of the Centre for Future Work, discusses the care economy: “The purpose of government is not to balance its books.  No one believes that anymore. The purpose of government its to protect citizens, our lives, our health and our communities.” 

An excerpt from the recent rabble webinar, Off the Hill presents: Crunch time in Ottawa. The entire webinar can be viewed at https://rabble.ca/rabbletv

Read Friday’s announcement about the new vision for a care economy here



Jim Stanford

Jim Stanford is economist and director of the Centre for Future Work, and divides his time between Vancouver and Sydney. He has a PhD in economics from the New School for Social Research in New York,...