Norman Finkelstein: Israel and Palestine: Past, Present, Future, part one

American scholar, Norman Finkelstein, toured Canada with the Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East from Oct. 26 to 30. His lecture, “Israel and Palestine: Past, Present, Future,” focused on the situation in Gaza, the raid on the S.S. Mavi Marmara, the current stage of the peace process and the prospect of another regional war.

Click here to watch part two.

This video was produced by Jase Tanner, a Vancouver-based independent filmmaker and activist. He is a member of the working group for the Canadian Boat to Gaza.

Jase visited Palestine twice in 2009. On the second trip, he accompanied a Canadian delegation of Parliamentarians, producing the short film “Delegation to Palestine.”

He was also a participant in the Gaza Freedom March in December 2009.