Overdose Prevention Society brings life-saving services to Vancouver community

This is the fifth in in the series, “Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside: Past and Present.” This week, we meet three people from the Overdose Prevention Society. Sarah Blyth is one of the co-founders, Amy is one of their managers and Mark is a volunteer.

It was difficult to find a quiet place to hold these interviews and we really only succeeded for one of them. When I commented on this, Sarah pointed out that that is one of the difficult realities of the neighbourhood. 

We discussed a number of things about the work of this organization, how it saves people’s lives from drug overdose, assists them in finding housing, food and other services during the pandemic and also provides a place for safe haven and community.

Watch the full series here.

Jase Tanner has worked in the film industry for 30 years where he frequently serves as a shop steward. During this time he’s been active in social justice issues and has produced a handful of short, web-based documentaries.