February 26
The Overdose Prevention Society
Jase Tanner | Three members of Vancouver's Overdose Prevention Society discuss how the organization saves people's lives from drug overdose, while also providing a safe haven and community.
February 22
Missing and murdered women in Vancouver's DTES
Jase Tanner | Former Vancouver city councillor and former NDP MP Libby Davies discusses the issue of missing and murdered women in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.
February 19
Women's Memorial March
Jase Tanner | This episode documents the 30th annual Women's Memorial March in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. The march, which first took place on Valentine's Day in 1992, commemorates lost loved ones.
February 12
The past into the present
Jase Tanner | Former NDP MP Libby Davies discusses the past and the present of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, reflecting on how austerity policies of the '90s have created the challenges of today.
February 5
A history of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside
Jase Tanner | Former NDP MP Libby Davies discusses the history of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, where she started out as a community worker in the 1970s.
Not Rex
January 18
Anna Jessup | Opposing military aid to Israel is not antisemitic; it's being a peace activist, says Not Rex commentator Anna Jessup.
Not Rex
November 9
Humberto DaSilva | Allies of the Six Nations gather in Caledonia, Ontario, to show solidarity with land defenders protecting treaty land from illegal settler development.
September 16
rabble staff | rabble.ca and the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute hosted a Green Party leadership candidates debate on Canada's place in the world.
Not Rex
July 6
Humberto DaSilva | On June 19, 2020, animal rights activist Regan Russell was run down and killed by a pig transport truck in front of the Fearman's slaughterhouse in Burlington, Ontario.