Ryerson Social Justice Week 2012: Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois speaks on the Québec Student Strike

Students in Quebec made international headlines when they went on strike to stop a 75% tuition fee increase. In what became the longest student strike in Canadian history, Quebec students resisted police repression and a government-led attack on civil liberties. In the process, they inspired a solidarity movement across Quebec and Canada.  In response to the social crisis provoked by the strike, Quebec premier Jean Charest called a snap election in August – and lost. On September 20, the incoming government cancelled the fee increase and scrapped Charest’s anti-protest law – a total victory of the students’ demands. Listen in as former CLASSE spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois shares the experience of the Quebec Student Movement.  Nadeau-Dubois currently faces legal charges, having been found “guilty of contempt of court”.  Read more here.