Video: Juno award-winner Dan Mangan joins growing movement against tar sands tankers

Today’s Best-of-the-Net video features Canadian music star Dan Mangan, joining the growing chorus of voices opposed to the tar sands pipeline and tanker plans of Enbridge and Kinder Morgan. This video was produced by Tanker Free BC. 

The proposed tar sands pipelines have emerged as major issues in the B.C. election. For more coverage of the B.C. campaign, visit our special elections page here. 

About this video 

Popular Vancouver-based recording artist Dan Mangan on the choices facing British Columbians as Kinder Morgan plans to dramatically ramp up oil tanker traffic through Vancouver. “We should be investing in science and the environment, in order to create an economy that self-sustains rather than scrapes the barrel for whatever is left in fossil fuels,” Mangan tells us from a Vancouver beach near his home.