Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society offers healing and support to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

This is the seventh in the series, “Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside: Past and Present.” Last week I met with Tracy Draper, the program coordinator of the Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society. The week before that, I went out into the alleys of the Downtown Eastside with three of their workers as they distributed harm-reduction supplies.

Tracy has a compelling presence and our conversation seemed to fly by. We covered a lot of ground as we discussed her personal background and beliefs and what brought her to the organization. She told me about the programs offered and what she believes to be the next steps that need to be taken to address the issues faced by her community.

Watch the full series here.

Jase Tanner has worked in the film industry for 30 years where he frequently serves as a shop steward. During this time he’s been active in social justice issues and has produced a handful of short, web-based documentaries.