April 16
Crunch time in Ottawa
rabble staff | With the first federal budget in two years expected on April 19, a potential election looms large against the backdrop of an ongoing pandemic and faltering rollout of a national vaccine program.
April 7
Palestine Solidarity: Why the NDP Convention Matters
rabble staff | David Mivasair, Libby Davies, Zahia El-Masri, Hammam Farah, and Svend Robinson discuss the importance of Palestine solidarity in the NDP.
March 26
It's not just the overdose crisis
Jase Tanner | Vancouver's Downtown Eastside faces severe issues, among them, poverty, homelessness and drug overdose. Three people who have made contributions to the neighbourhood speak about their experiences.
March 19
Interview with Shane Simpson
Jase Tanner | Shane Simpson was first elected to the the B.C. legislature in 2005 and retired in the fall of 2020. In his youth he lived in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and was active in community development.
March 12
Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society
Jase Tanner | Tracy Draper, program coordinator of the Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society, speaks about the organization's work and reflects on what's needed to address the issues faced by her community.
March 8
Free Barry Conway!
Cole Rockarts | Union officer Barry Conway goes on trial March 15 for his actions in defending a Hamilton Pride event in June 2019. Hamilton activist Cole Rockarts has recorded a song about his plight.
March 8
Bruce: The Musical interview
Jase Tanner | Artistic director of Theatre in the Raw Jay Hamburger discusses "Bruce: The Musical," a play about activist Bruce Eriksen, who started the Downtown Eastside Residents Association.
February 26
The Overdose Prevention Society
Jase Tanner | Three members of Vancouver's Overdose Prevention Society discuss how the organization saves people's lives from drug overdose, while also providing a safe haven and community.
February 22
Missing and murdered women in Vancouver's DTES
Jase Tanner | Former Vancouver city councillor and former NDP MP Libby Davies discusses the issue of missing and murdered women in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.