Book Review
Mar 11, 2011

Breaking the feminist mould

Jessica Rose
Each of the contributors in Feminism FOR REAL share their own -- often unsettling -- truths, revealing the ways in which they have felt alienated and oppressed within mainstream feminism and academia.
Book Review
Mar 4, 2010

Mapping feminism

Jessica Rose
Girldrive inspires readers to define feminism and womanhood for themselves, and get behind the wheel, ready to change the world.
Book Review
Oct 1, 2009

Out of body

Cara Ng
In her recent book, Bodies, Susie Orbach examines body despair in the Western world, and how our bodies are "made" through the brain's interaction with personal experiences and our environments.
Book Review
May 29, 2009

Puritanism preoccupied

Jessica Rose
Jessica Valenti's latest takes on purity-pushers encouraging readers to value women for the positive roles they play in society and not for their chastity.
Book Review
Sep 11, 2008
 Branding Miss G__: Third Wave Feminists and the Media

Acting out

Jessica Rose
A fresh third wave feminist force, the Miss G__ Project, Canada's version of Code Pink, have been lobbying for the introduction of a Women's and Gender Studies course in high schools across Canada. I
Book Review
Jul 10, 2008
 He's a Stud, She's a Slut, and 49 Other Double Standards Every Woman Should Know

Straight talk on 'studs' and 'sluts'

Jessica Valenti
Watch Jessica Valenti, author and <i>Feministing.com</i> blogger extraordinaire, speak some feminist truths about sexist double-standards with a packed-to-overflowing crowd in Toronto. <b>Video readi
Book Review
Dec 16, 2007
 Cookbook for Women's Equality: Out of the kitchen, cooking up equality!

Stirring it up

Laura Di Vilio
Can a cookbook be a useful tool to advocate women&#226;e(TM)s equality? Can crafting up some tasty dishes in your kitchen help rekindle a social movement? As counterintuitive as these notions might s
Book Review
Sep 7, 2006
 Red Light: Superheroes, Saints and Sluts

Born-again sluts

Joy Parks
In her brilliantly rebellious introduction,Anna Camilleri lays out her purpose in <I>RedLight</I>: to give voice to the hidden heroines,to shine light on those icons that existbeyond the safety and s


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