Book Review
Feb 14, 2008
 Orphan Love

Tough love in the bush

Emily Schultz
In her first novel, <i>Orphan Love</i>, Nadia Bozak writes the ultimate reverse frontier story, and it is a thing to cheer. Unlike those in the standard road novel, Bozak's characters travel primaril
Book Review
Jul 17, 2007
 Shelf Monkey

Egg-head extremists

Melanie Redman
In Corey Redekop's tale, disgruntled bookstore employees and librarians form a secret society, the Shelf Monkeys &#226;e" an outlet for their frustration at the pathetic book choices of the masses.
Book Review
Jul 4, 2007

Marked women

Charles Demers
Revolutionarily, Anne Stone&#226;e(TM)s brilliant story of a missing teenager subverts and inverts the missing-women paradigm completely by making the missing themselves into the <I>archetypes</I> of
Book Review
May 31, 2007
 The Mole Chronicles

A cautious life

Rebecca Silver Slayter
Genetically predisposed toward malignant moles, <i>The Mole Chronicles</i>'s unnamed narrator and his sister, Lesley, are warned by their dermatologist to be cautious &#226;e" of the sun, of changin
Book Review
Mar 14, 2007
 Sparrow Story

Fiction under occupation

Jenny Lynn
In David Rhodes' <i>Sparrow Story,</i> Johnny&#226;e(TM)s tendency to tell it like it is means it&#226;e(TM)s not long before he ends up dead. The focus of the story then switches to the main protago
Book Review
Dec 7, 2006
 The Book of Emma

Emma's story

Carlyn Zwarenstein
In <I>The Book of Emma,</I> a new novel by Haitian-born Montreal storyteller, poet and novelist Marie-C&#195;&#169;lie Agnant, Flore, an interpreter by trade, has been brought into a Montreal psychia
Book Review
Sep 28, 2006
 Bow Grip

Male models

Meagan Perry
<I>Bow Grip</I> is Ivan E. Coyote&#226;e(TM)s first novel and it marks a bit of a departure for the popular storyteller. The autobiographical tales of life in the Yukon are gone. Nonetheless, it pres
Book Review
Jun 1, 2006
 Miss Lamp

He said, she said

Carlyn Zwarenstein
Both Chris Ewart&#226;e(TM)s whimsical <I>Miss Lamp</I> and Howard Akler&#226;e(TM)s noirish <I>The City Man</I> make for great summer reading as they revel in an almost lewd love of juicy images and
Book Review
Apr 6, 2006
 Emily Kato

In loss's wake

Mariko Tamaki
<I>Emily Kato</I> is a revisit of <I>Itsuka,</I> Kogawa's second novel, which followed her acclaimed <I>Obasan.</I> <I>Obasan</I> was published in the early 1980s as Japanese-Canadians fought to win
Book Review
May 3, 2006
 Mean Boy

The writing life

Mariko Tamaki
Lynn Coady paints her young poet protagonist, Lawrence Campbell, from the inside out with fantastic and loving detail, from his ugly sweaters right down to his philosophy on tea and the perfect works


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