Book Review
May 4, 2006
 No Margins: writing canadian fiction in lesbian

Previously loved

Beth Follett
The editors of <I>No Margins</I> tell us that the impetus for this collection of lesbian fiction was a conversation with an unnamed bookstore owner who believes that Canadian fiction is currently b
Book Review
Apr 16, 2006
 All My Friends Are Superheroes

Mr. Commitment and the power of love

Maha Zimmo
Andrew Kaufman twirls the reader through the story of Tom and &#226;eoeThe Perfectionist&#226;e in <I>All My Friends are Superheroes</I> in a tale that, in the end, is a gentle love story . All of T
Book Review
Mar 22, 2006
 The Bicycle Eater

Love's burning rays

Carlyn Zwarenstein
"Only the brutal Caribbean sun would extinguish the fire that Anna had kindled beneath my skin." So says the heartbroken Christophe, the hallucinatory monologuist of Larry Tremblay's <I>The Bicycle E
Book Review
Mar 8, 2006

Sight, sound and story

Yohannes Edemariam
On the streets, in the bars, in the clapboard houses of St. John's, <I>Alligator'</I>s motley characters jostle for position. In short-story writer Lisa Moore's acclaimed first novel, which recently
Book Review
Jan 9, 2006
 The Enemy Within

Another solitude

Jenn Watt
Nalini Warriar's <i>The Enemy Within</i> delivers a detailed tour of the internal (and, frequently, the external) landscape of an Indian immigrant in Quebec, struggling to keep her sense of self in a
Book Review
Jan 11, 2006
 For Those Whom God Has Blessed with Fingers

Momentary lapses

Rebecca Silver Slayter
Ken Sparling, an agile minimalist, has stripped the novel form so bare that, after reading a few pages of <I>For Those Whom God Has Blessed with Fingers,</I> you may begin to fear that you are faced
Book Review
Jan 12, 2006
 The Immaculate Conception

Justifiable force

Carlyn Zwarenstein
Hitting the reader in the gut is a time-honoured strategy, one of a writer's many potentially magical tools. In Ga&#195;&#169;tan Soucy's <I>The Immaculate Conception,</I> the ghastly details support


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