Book Review
Jul 21, 2016

The integral role of Indigenous women's knowledge

Kahente Horn-Miller
'Living on the Land: Indigenous Women's Understanding of Place' examines how patriarchy, gender and colonialism have shaped the experiences and knowledge of Indigenous women. Read an excerpt here.
Book Review
Jul 16, 2015

The miseducation of Augie Merasty

Christine Smith (McFarlane)
At 86, Joseph (Augie) Merasty decided his story needed to be told: a firsthand account of the impact residential schools had on Indigenous children and how this experience shaped his life.
Book Review
Nov 11, 2010

New book reimagines Indigenous networks

Zainab Amadahy
Alliances brings together Indigenous and non-Indigenous thinkers to reflect on relationship-building/alliance-making in struggle and how such work impacts both the personal and political.


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