Book Review
Jul 10, 2014

Exploitation of the invisible hands that do all the work

Eleanor J. Bader
Does rampant consumerism make us view those who harvest our food, sew our clothes and assemble our electronics as invisible? 'Invisible Hands: Voices from the Global Economy' argues yes.
Book Review
Nov 19, 2009

Immigrant workers fight back

Dave Koch
Fight Back, written by five politically engaged academics who work with Montreal's Immigrant Workers' Centre, helps to counter the exploitation of migrant workers by documenting their struggles.
Book Review
Nov 20, 2008

New labour and social justice

Robin Breon
Solidarity Divided is a candid appraisal of the U.S. trade union movement that draws deep lessons from history while constructively critiquing the present.
Book Review
Nov 22, 2007
 Workplaces That Work: A Guide to Conflict Management in Union and Non-Union Work Environments

Work it out

Patricia W. Elliott
Don't let the business suit in the author's photo fool you: Saskatchewan-born Blaine Donais' roots are firmly planted in a lifetime of trade unionism and social activism. Not surprisingly, then, when
Book Review
Sep 6, 2006
 Threads of Labour: Garment Industry Supply Chains from the Workersâe(TM) Perspective

Changing our clothes

Ann Scholl
Despite the occasional newspaper headline highlighting the conditions under which our clothes are made, the exploitation in garment factories persists under an intricate web of subcontracting chains
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