The places we live

Book Review
Jun 2, 2011
Good Places To Live

The hunt for better housing

David Henry
Jim Silver's latest, Good Places to Live, presents an unequivocal argument against the trend towards demolition of public housing projects and sale of these properties to private-sector developers.
Book Review
Nov 12, 2005
 The Sportswriter

Loosing your place

Chris Koentges
“There is mystery everywhere, even in a vulgar urine-scented, suburban depot such as this. You have only to let yourself in for it.” As I thought my inner-city home was about to go up in fl
Book Review
Nov 19, 2005
 The Small Cities Book

Building to scale

Emily Schultz
<I>The Small Cities Book</I> presents the little city as a perfect Petri-dish for better urban living, while <I>Downtown Canada</I> celebrates this country as an urban wonderland. These two need to t
Book Review
Nov 21, 2005
 Dream City

Dream analysis

Ron Nurwisah
Lance Berelowitz's <I>Dream City</I> explores mythologized Vancouver: a northern Los Angeles, a West Coast escape for Eastern Canadians, Lotus Land... Whether or not it lives up to its image is a ano
Book Review
Nov 24, 2005
 Access All Areas

What lies beneath

Carlyn Zwarenstein
<I>Access All Areas</i> is an urban-exploration how-to that gives readers practical tips for going where few have gone before&#226;e"and getting out unscathed. With Ninjalicious as your guide, you're
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