Niki Ashton speaks to students and supporters at McGill University. Photo: davehuehn/flickr
babblers, Meg Borthwick | On September 26, we hosted our first Q&A with leadership candidate Niki Ashton. Here we bring you her full babble interview, featuring the top questions submitted by you, our readers.
Image: Facebook/Canada’s NDP / Le NPD du Canada
Rick Salutin | The four candidate vying for the leadership of the national party provided feeble answers to that question.
Image: FairVote Canada, used with permission
Anita Nickerson | Let's make 2019 the last first-past-the-post election!
Image: Flickr/Jeff Djevdet​
Erin Weir | In 2015 Liberals overtook the NDP as the progressive alternative to Conservatives because the NDP didn't put forward a fiscal plan to pay for ambitious improvements to public services, income support.
Singh at 2017 Pride Parade in Toronto. Photo: ideas_dept/flickr
Karl Nerenberg | Jagmeet Singh entered the NDP leadership race months after the four other candidates, yet there is polling and anecdotal evidence that he already has higher, and more positive, name recognition.
Niki Ashton. Photo: Matt Jiggins/flickr
Karl Nerenberg | NDP leadership candidate Niki Ashton describes herself as an intersectional feminist -- and as the candidate of youth and of the left.
Image of Guy Caron. Courtesy of Caron campaign
Karl Nerenberg | NDP MP Guy Caron has two distinct advantages in the party's leadership race: he is the only Quebecer in the race and the only one who can lay claim to being a professional economist.
Charlie Angus Got Your Back Tour 2017. Image: Facebook/Charlie Angus
Karl Nerenberg | Charlie Angus is perhaps best known as a passionate and articulate advocate in Parliament for Indigenous people. He wants to create a discourse that will cross the many lines of division in Canada.
Photo: Karl Nerenberg,
Karl Nerenberg | The first-to-declare NDP leadership candidate tells rabble that the party lost touch with the grass roots last time. If he is chosen leader, Julian pledges that will not happen again.