The south façade of the Ontario Legislative Building. Photo: Benson Kua
Barâa Arar | That intimate relationship between legislation, extreme political rhetoric, and the rise in hate crimes as shown by Donald Trump’s America, is exactly why I am afraid of a Ford majority government.
Photos of France Gélinas, Peter Tabuns, Laura Mae Lindo, Terence Kernaghan, Mike Schreiner and Chris Glover
Maya Bhullar | Learn what their constituents are saying and what they need from us to fight back.
University of Alberta campus. Photo: Bill Burris/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | If Jason Kenney continues to attack the U of A, all he will be doing is damaging a great and valuable Alberta institution, hurting especially the young Albertans who study there.
Photo: Doug Ford/Twitter
Karl Nerenberg | In Ontario, first-past-the-post again did its work and rewarded all of the power to a leader with 41 per cent of the vote. In the case of Doug Ford, close to 60 per cent of voters cannot abide him.
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Krystalline Kraus | On the eve of election day, I asked around to find out what people felt about strategic voting. In this case, I meant "ABC" -- anyone but conservative.
Andrea-Horwath-Nomination-Meeting-Ontario-NDP-Campaign-Kickoff-2018. Photo: Joey Coleman/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | The Ontario Liberals who prefer a PC to an NDP win have prevailed. Progressives tempted by Kathleen Wynne’s party might want to re-consider before rewarding Liberal cynicism with their votes.
Image: JH/Flickr
Pam Palmater | The Liberal Party has taken a significant amount of heat for their collective failures to act on their substantive promises to First Nations. How do Ontario's political parties square?
Photo: Dominion Voting Systems
Howard Pasternack, Rosemary Frei | Among other things, scrutineers, appointed by parties to watch for cheating, will no longer be able to observe the count for 90 per cent of the ballots.
Image: knehcsg/Flickr
Rick Salutin | This happens to be a populist moment politically but ours won’t be a particularly Trumpian one, not because Ontarians are smarter than Americans but because there’s a populist alternative.
Activist Toolkit
Image by John Evans, 2013 Ottawa South candidate signs,
| Now that the election day is near, here are some more targeted tools to help inform people you talk to and bust some of the lies.
Gerry Caplan | The Ontario NDP has shot to the top of some polls into an almost unimaginable lead across the province. And even though it's not over 'till it's over, Horwath seems like a premier-in-waiting.
Emma Lui | The Ontario 2018 election is just one week away. We asked thousands of people across Ontario what issues matter most and what will inform how they vote on June 7. Here's what matters to you on water.