French President Emmanuel Macron in April 2020. Image: Emmanuel Macron/Facebook
Monia Mazigh | French officials commonly invoke the nation's republican history when discussing the fight against terrorism, but are reluctant to address French colonial crimes.
Press conference at the end of the #MarcheDesPortraits in Bayonne. Image: Alternatiba_/Twitter
Brent Patterson | Removing portraits of French President Emmanuel Macron was an inspiring way for activists to "take him down" for failing on climate justice.
Rick Salutin | Notre Dame was an ideal displacement for embattled Macron, after months of the yellow vests nipping at his neoliberal heels.
Maya Bhullar, Jessica Squires | On September 22, Macron signed the Loi Travail XXL into law. It would be difficult to overstate the sea change this will represent for French unions.
Photo: Mutualité Française/flickr
Duncan Cameron | In his campaign, Macron was able to strike a progressive pose -- especially with Marine Le Pen as a debating partner. More will be known about his priorities once he assumes presidential office.
Photo: Blandine Le Cain/flickr
Rick Salutin | If political acts, like voting, are meaningless under globalization, that makes some sense of the refusal by normally left voters to turn out for Hillary, leading to Trump's victory.
Photo: World Bank Photo Collection/flickr
June Chua | Tom Pitfield, a childhood friend of Trudeau's and a former IBM innovation expert, went through a top 10 Buzzfeed-like list of What He Learned from the Election Campaign.
Photo: Prachatai/flickr
Duncan Cameron | France awaits the results of judicial enquiries launched against the Republican candidate and the Front National candidate, not just the first round of voting for a new president.