Image: Nina Newington/Just Before Our Arrests. Used with Permission.
Victoria Fenner | Nina Newington and fellow protesters are heading to court for protesting clear-cutting in sensitive moose habitat in southwest Nova Scotia.
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Brent Patterson | Twenty-seven years after her death, Kelly's vision holds lessons for the Extinction Rebellion movement.
Image: Climate Action Toronto, May 3 2019. Payton Mitchell. Used with permission.
Victoria Fenner | Tomorrow is the first day of Climate Strike Canada. We hear from youth from across the country about what's happening and their hopes and frustrations about solving the climate crisis.
Image: Sebastian Dooris/Flickr
Victoria Fenner | Rocky Petkov, organizer with Extinction Rebellion Toronto, talks about ER's approach to the climate crisis, and how it’s different from ER Europe.
Photo by Koozma J. Tarasoff
Brent Patterson | Disruptive actions are needed to stop the Trans Mountain pipeline which represents a continuation of colonial violence and an acceleration of climate breakdown.
Twitter photo by Extinction Rebellion.
Brent Patterson | After two weeks of highly-visible occupations of landmarks in London, UK, what’s the theory of change behind Extinction Rebellion and can it be applied to calls for a Green New Deal?
Twitter photo via Juan Mayorga.
Brent Patterson | A boat named after the Indigenous land and water defender featured prominently in the occupation of Oxford Circus in London, England, more than 8,500 kilometres from her home territory in Honduras.
Tar sands in Alberta. Image: Extinction Rebellion Canada/Facebook
Brent Patterson | The Extinction Rebellion movement was launched 18 weeks ago, and now counts over 200 outposts around the world. As chapters gear up for a global week of direct action, how is the movement faring?
Facebook photo by Extinction Rebellion.
Brent Patterson | As Extinction Rebellion actions continue in the United Kingdom, activists are rapidly connecting online to take action in this country.
Extinction Rebellion Facebook photo.
Brent Patterson | Yesterday, environmental activists from a new U.K.-based movement occupied the Greenpeace office in London, with the message: "It is time to rebel."