George Floyd

Jun 19, 2020
Image: Stephen Weppler/Flickr

How racial capitalism prevails during a pandemic

Vincent Collins
We could be entering a moment in which workers come together to fight the system that jeopardizes not only racialized peoples' livelihoods, but their very existence.
Jun 15, 2020
Police officer at a Toronto Black Lives Matter demonstration in June 2020. Image: Mitchel Raphael

A cross-Canada look at defunding the police

Maya Bhullar
Much needed community support services have faced cuts while the total operating expenditures of police forces have generally increased for over two decades.
Jun 9, 2020
Police at the June 6, 2020 Black Lives Matter protest in Toronto. Image: Mitchel Raphael

Reforms won't fix policing and anti-Black racism

Lesley Wood
New tools and policies will not resolve the problem that emerges from arming a small group of mostly white men in an unequal, racist society, and giving them the power to defend the status quo.


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