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Meg Borthwick | A new book, "Uncertain Harvest," explores what needs to change about our global food system to fight climate change and feed everyone on the planet.
Ann Shin on Super Foods, Ghetto Gardens and the Butterfly Effect
Face2Face | Ann Shin talks to David Peck talk about her new film 'The Superfood Chain', ghetto gardens, sustainability, local versus fair trade, the butterfly effect and crossing into other cultures.
From 'Marco’s Oriental Noodles'. Image:
June Chua | Interview with "Marco’s Oriental Noodles" filmmaker Howie Shia on using a story to show cultural appropriation through food.
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David Suzuki | The one flimsy argument climate change deniers have been holding onto -- that carbon dioxide will make plants grow faster and bigger -- has proven to be a poor one.
Rush hour. Photo: Giacomo Carena/flickr
David Suzuki | In North America, reducing the carbon footprint by using less energy -- especially fossil fuels -- is major, but so is changing food habits.
Andreas Johnsen talks about his new film Bugs, tasty food, sustainability, and colonialism.
Face2Face | Andreas Johnsen talks about his new film "Bugs," tasty food, sustainability, and colonialism.
Image: Wayne Roberts
Wayne Roberts | If I can't eat local, sustainable and slow food, I don't want to be part of your revolution.
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Karl Nerenberg | The Trudeau government's measures to limit food industry practices that push unhealthy products on children and adults are a small, but important, first step.
Cornucopia community garden in Calgary's Inglewood neighbourhood. Photo: Tavis F
David Suzuki | Incorporating food production into ever-expanding urban areas makes cities more liveable and enhances the natural systems that keep us alive and healthy.
Hope Isn't A Strategy
Daryn Caister | An entire lake disappearing due to climate change in Bolivia, a rush of lobbying by mining companies, and an expose on how to evade lobbying laws in Canada.
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David Suzuki | Dark earth’s benefit to climate is just one of its many exciting possibilities. It also enhances soils so they produce higher yields, helps retain water and prevents erosion.
Veganism, Nuance and Climate Activism
Daryn Caister | In the last few years, there has been a surge in folks calling themselves "climate vegans." This has led to as much "bad blood" between the vegans and climate activists as not. We discuss.