Apr 23, 2015

Meal planning, vegan-challenge style

rabble staff
Are you standing there with the fridge door open, wondering how to be vegan today? Well look no further than here for some recipe ideas.
Feb 9, 2015

Vandana Shiva on Earth Rights

Part two of a speech by Vandana Shiva, in which she addresses solutions based in human rights allied to rights of nature.

Cabbagetown Family Day Festival 2015

Feb 16, 2015
Parliament St between Gerrard St & Wellesley St Toronto , ON
43° 39' 11.6136" N, 79° 22' 59.4624" W
Ontario CA
The inaugural free admission Cabbagetown Family Day Festival produced by The Cabbagetown BIA will be bringing families together in celebration of the long holiday weekend.
Jan 12, 2015

Five global food trends for 2015

Wayne Roberts
Food trends in 2015 are bigger than the battle between kale and cauliflower. We're talking labour, information and industry.
Jan 5, 2015
Photo: A protest against GMOs in the European Parliament. Photo by Euractiv

CETA should have a GMO warning label on it in Europe

Brent Patterson
The Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and the U.S.-European Union Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will increase the risk of GM food entering Europe.
Dec 21, 2014

Book: How Bad Are Bananas?

Author Mike Berners-Lee figured out the carbon footprint of more than a hundred things, from sending an email or installing solar panels to starting a war.


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