Fruits and vegetables in a store. Image credit: Mehrad Vosoughi/Unsplash
Lucy Sharratt | Health Canada is consulting Canadians on proposals to exempt some new genetically engineered foods -- genetically modified organisms or GMOs -- from government regulation.
Photo: Council of Canadians
Brent Patterson | The Trans-Pacific Partnership Division at Global Affairs Canada has provided an email address for the public to send in their comments and questions about the TPP. Here are some of their responses.
Photo: Government of Newfoundland and Labrador/flickr
Brent Patterson | The Government of Nunatsiavut is concerned that the thousands of Inuit people who eat fish downstream of the planned Muskrat Falls hydroelectric dam project could be at risk of mercury contamination.
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| The Public Service Alliance of Canada had created an information series on the the Conservative governments cuts to public services.
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Brent Patterson | Food safety should be an issue of concern for voters evaluating Harper's record in the lead-up to the October 19 federal election.
25,000 people protest GMOs, CETA and TTIP in Berlin on January 17. Twitter photo
Brent Patterson | The EU food safety commissioner says that there are no signs of majority support in EU national parliaments for the U.S.-EU TTIP because of public concerns about food and environmental safety.
Photo: A protest against GMOs in the European Parliament. Photo by Euractiv
Brent Patterson | The Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and the U.S.-European Union Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will increase the risk of GM food entering Europe.
Redeye Collective | Finance Minister Joe Oliver announced Nov. 12 that the government will have a small surplus in 2015. He didn't say that the surplus has come from deep cuts to services for veterans and the unemployed.
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Colin Anderson | The growing popular interest in local, sustainable food is prompting Manitoba to take a second look at supporting local food systems to improve economy, health and food security.
Christopher Walker | Like many New Brunswick men, I went west at 19 to seek my fortune. One of my many jobs was in Alberta’s now infamous XL Foods plant.
Amy Goodman | Of the 11 initiatives before the 2012 California electorate, one drawing perhaps the most attention is Proposition 37, on the labelling of food containing genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.
David Macdonald | Debacles like those at XL Foods illustrate the critical role that the federal government has in regulating industry and keeping Canadians safe.