Feb 6, 2012

Deconstructing the unionbot frame

Trish Hennessy
The unionbot frame works because it preys upon our deepest fears and, also, because the frame is dehumanizing.

Shifting the frame -- and getting our message out

Sep 24, 2011
Beit Zatoun
612 Markham Street near Bloor subway
M6G 2L8 Toronto , ON
43° 39' 53.2584" N, 79° 24' 44.6868" W
Ontario CA
How can the left shift the frame and get its message out? Come discuss at two Beit Zatoun workshops.
Feb 1, 2011

Saviours and other false gods

Trish Hennessy
One of the many hazards of writing a blog dedicated to framing issues from a progressive point of view is the inevitable let down that there is no single magic answer to growing the progressive base.
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