Carmela Hutchison | Women with disabilities do not necessarily seek medically assisted death because they are disabled, but because they aren't valued by the medical establishment or by society.
Image: Flickr/Quinn Dombrowski
Liz Kessler | The huge amount of power that doctors have makes it likely that Canada's assisted dying laws will be abused.
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Liz Kessler | "Normalcy" isn't possible, and it's not the goal, so trying to reassure me that I seem normal is useless.
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Liz Kessler | Calling Donald Trump 'crazy' or 'insane' isn't just ableist -- it disguises his privilege and hateful message.
Book Review
Laura Brightwell | Charlotte Cooper's book Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement studies the history of fat activism and seeks to challenge its current, more problematic, narratives.
Photo: Bonnie Brayton
Bonnie Brayton | How many Canadians today will be thinking about women with disabilities when they think about women's equality?
Jesse McLaren | Saturday October 3 was the fifth annual Toronto Disability Pride March to bring recognition of the struggles and value of people with disabilities.
Allison and her awesome son.
Allison Garber | Being autistic brings forth a number of challenges to day-to-day life, but many of those challenges exist because of our society's inability to take the time to understand autism.
Anne Theriault | Even though it's factually true, saying 'vaccines don't cause autism' falls into the same ableist narrative as 'vaccines cause autism.'
Jessica Prupas | A roundup of the highlights from the Blogs this week
Activist Toolkit
| A campaign to end use of the word "retarded"
Scott Neigh | Paul Tsuma and Aimee Louw talk about a new group that is challenging both physical barriers and the broader barriers of ableism in Montreal.