Hassan Diab

Jan 24, 2018
Hassan Diab with his family at Ottawa airport on his return to Canada in January. Photo courtesy of Hassan Diab Support Committee.

After 10 years, Hassan Diab is finally free

Judy Haiven
A celebration of the release and return home of Canadian professor Hassan Diab after three years of imprisonment in France, and a condemnation of Canada's role in his mistreatment.

Sneak preview of short documentary on Dr. Hassan Diab

May 20, 2016
First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa
30 Cleary Avenue
Ottawa , ON
45° 22' 56.9352" N, 75° 46' 18.2064" W
Ontario CA
Don't miss a sneak preview of the short documentary on Dr. Hassan Diab, directed by award-winning filmmaker Amara Wala.


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