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Amnesty International human rights leadership for youth day camp

Jul 13, 2009 to Jul 24, 2009
VCC City Centre Campus
250 West Pender Street
49° 16' 54.642" N, 123° 6' 37.872" W
Amnesty International is offering a chance for young people to learn about human rights issues and how to organize their friends to take action in a series of week-long day-camps.
Jun 12, 2009

Uribe, Harper and company

rabble staff
Earlier this week rallies were held in Ottawa and Montreal to denounce the presence of Colombian President Uribe in Canada and call for a halt to the FTA with Colombia. (Photo:
Activist Toolkit

Collective bargaining

A guide to collective bargaining that can be used by unions or workers.
Jun 8, 2009

Peru: Battle lines drawn over the Amazon

Ben Powless
The battle has been set for control of the Amazon. On one side, Indigenous Amazonians, On the other, the Peruvian state and its free trade agreements.
Jun 5, 2009

Where's the halal, Obama?

Obama quoted from the Koran, the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, implicitly challenging those who think they have sole possession of revealed truth. For a speech, it went as far as it could go.


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