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| Airbnb is getting a much-needed lesson in geography, international law, and ethics.
Photo: flickr/Chadica
Paul Weinberg | There has been a deluge of construction projects of homes in and around East Jerusalem. Is this in order to maintain a geographic stranglehold on a united Jerusalem as capital of the Jewish state?
Redeye Collective | Scarlett Johansson is an American actress and singer who became a global ambassador for Oxfam in 2005. She left that position in February.
Rick Salutin | Amira Hass uses "normal," which seems like a bland word, in an intensely moral way that jolts you: This cannot be the norm for human behaviour.
Ha'aretz journalist Amira Hass speaking in Tel Aviv, Dec. 2010.
Paul Weinberg | The Ha'aretz columnist is the only Israeli reporter living in the West Bank. She is on a cross-Canada speaking tour, and speaks in Toronto tonight.
Bahija Réghaï | The Palestinian Authority has recently enacted a law banning Palestinians from working in settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and the sale of settlement products.
Murray Dobbin | Has Benjamin Netanyahu miscalculated in his recent snub to U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden, and by extension Biden's boss, Barack Obama?
Charihen Hannoun, 20, was hit by police with a rifle, leaving her arm in a sling. She is studying Psychology at Abu Dis University.. She is pictured here with one of the internationals who have been sleeping on the streets in solidarity with the family.
Libby Davies | As you enter Jerusalem from the Allenby bridge the vista of illegal settlements on just about every hill top is surreal.