Apr 16, 2015

Do Muslim women need saving?

This is the question author Lila Abu-Lughod poses in her book exploring the lives of Muslim women. The answer isn't as obvious as some would like us to believe.
Sep 7, 2014

How 9/11 changed the lives of Muslim women

The F Word
A rebroadcast of an interview originally aired last September by Ellie Gordon-Moershel, created as part of Pacifica Radio's 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in New York.
Aug 14, 2014

Building interfaith peace in Africa

Africafiles: The Pulse
African religious scholars discuss the link between religion and conflict in Africa -- and propose a way forward.
Apr 20, 2014

Finding religion in the Vegan Challenge

Amira Elghawaby
I also happen to be a person of faith who believes that it's OK to eat animals and consume animal products. But this week, I was compelled to think deeply about it all.


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