Aug 26, 2011

Jack's Canada vs. today's 'other' Canada

Gerry Caplan
What an exit! What a classy way to go out. Canada will not soon forget the last words in his very last public communication: "My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear."
Aug 20, 2011

Why do certain media demonize Muslims?

Gerry Caplan
Why do certain media choose to offer platforms to those who spread malicious lies and instill fear about Muslims? To fill space? To improve ratings? Or merely for the hell of it?
Jul 16, 2011

My Fellow American

The My Fellow American Channel was created to offer a new narrative about Muslims in America and offer people a safe platform to discuss their opinions.
Feb 10, 2011

Islamophobia and global health

People's Health Radio
Audio from a January 21 forum at UBC on the global health implications of Islamophobia.
Jan 16, 2011

Understanding the assassination of Salman Taseer

The killing of Punjab's governor by one of his own security guards in Islamabad is being called a symptom of a growing fanaticism. Conn Hallinan sees other causes of instability in the country.
Jan 12, 2011

Canada: A model of interfaith harmony?

Hadani Ditmars
In light of the recent church bombing in Cairo and right-wing rioters burning down a mosque in Athens, I still say Canada is -- or could be with a few adjustments -- an example of interfaith harmony.


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