Jun 29, 2009
QuAIA at Pride

Over 200 march against Israeli apartheid at Toronto Pride

Andrew Brett
Despite attempts by pro-Israel lobbyists to ban Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) from Toronto Pride, the group assembled in the largest anti-apartheid contingent in the history of the parade.
Jun 18, 2009

Much ado about Netanyahu

Bahija Réghaï
All eyes were on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu this past weekend, but he failed to really offer anything new. Will Harper continue to unconditionally back Israel?
Activist Toolkit

International Solidarity Movement

the ISM is a Palestinian solidarity organization that invites civilians to travel to the West Bank and Gaza and participate in non-violent protest against the Israeli occupation
Activist Toolkit

Code Pink

Code Pink is a women-led grassroots solidarity initiative that opposes militarism.


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