Jan 26, 2009

Dr. Norman Finkelstein - Resolving the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Highlights of a talk by Norman Finkelstein at UBC
Jan 29, 2009

Alert #111 - January 29th, 2009

Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension
Jeff Halper about Isreal & Palestine. Review featuring economic crisis and coalition government.
Feb 11, 2009

Israel's elections are nothing to celebrate

Dorit Naaman
Israel is far from being a full democracy, and this last election campaign only exposed some of the contradictions, and deeply racist paradigms, on which the state has been established.
Jan 27, 2009

rabble radio #80 - Lots of love

rabble radio
Music picks to make a Ruckus. Rwanda's first school for the deaf. Who doesn’t love Obama? Who’s in love?


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