A Woman Among Warlords: Malalai Joya’s struggle for Afghanistan

Oct 10, 2010
University of Calgary, ICT 102 Calgary , AB
51° 2' 42" N, 114° 3' 25.9992" W
Alberta CA
As the Canadian government debates whether or not to extend Canada’s mission in Afghanistan, this evening is an important chance to hear directly from one of the most outstanding advocates for justice
Sep 22, 2010

Peace activists applaud judge's decision

Fourteen protesters accused of trespass for actions against Creech Air Force base in Nevada were delighted that the judge in their case said she needed several months to consider expert testimony.

Film showing: Rethink Afghanistan

Sep 26, 2010 to Sep 27, 2010
Vancouver , BC
49° 14' 54.6828" N, 123° 6' 31.68" W
British Columbia CA
Join us for a showing of Brave New Films' 'Rethink Afghanistan' and a discussion of the latest developments in the war.

Say No to the War and to the F-35 purchases

Sep 25, 2010
Vancouver , BC
49° 14' 54.6828" N, 123° 6' 31.68" W
British Columbia CA
Travelling public education action saying 'No' to the F-35 fighter jet purchases by the Conservative government, and to any further extension of the war.

Resisting Harper's war at home and abroad

Sep 16, 2010
Bahen Centre
40 St George St. U of T Campus
Toronto , ON
43° 39' 34.6716" N, 79° 23' 48.6528" W
Ontario CA
Stephen Harper is imposing austerity at home and occupation abroad. Join a discussion on building resistance to these twin attacks.
Aug 24, 2010

Pakistan floods: Why should we care?

Ethan Casey
This American author states that each of us has the responsibility to be aware of all tragedies in our world, and we should exert ourselves to redress them. Pakistan's plight is case in point.


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